As an independent, non-partisan policy catalyst, CAPI brings insight, evidence and balance to emerging issues.
We provide a neutral place to hold dialogues and generate perspectives among leaders across the food system.

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Understanding the Processed Food
Trade Balance
What's Happening in Processed Food:
Understanding Competitiveness in Selected Industries

Drivers of Canadian Food Processing Competitiveness: Macro Factors and Micro Decisions
The Performance of Canada's Food Manufacturing Industry The Changing Face of Food Manufacturing in Canada:
An Analysis of Plant Closings, Openings and Investments

Innovation Insights:
Capital Investment in Canadian Food Processing
Processed FoodBeefValue Chains
The State of Canada's Processed Food Sector: Trade Balance Canada's Beef Food System Characterizing the Determinants of Successful Value Chains

Policy Goals, Objectives, and Instruments in Other Jurisdictions
Canada's Agri-Food DestinationAdvancing a Policy Dialogue Series II: Policy Goals, Objectives, and Instruments in Other Jurisdictions

Advancing a Policy Dialogue Series II:
Competitiveness of the Canadian Agri-Food Sector
CAFF final report
Achieving What's Possible for Canada's Agri-Food Sector

Documents referenced here are indicative of CAPI's work and the subject may be addressed in other reports.

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